Regimen + Goals

My Hair Regimen: I moisturize and/or oil my hair daily. As needed (usually weekly) I cleanse my hair and scalp with a moisturizing shampoo (or a clarifying one if there's build up). I do a moisturizing OR protein treatment with every shampoo. I stretch my relaxers 3-4 months.

My go-to protective/low manipulation styles: buns, braid-outs and halfwigs. In 2012 I want to start experimenting with more heat-free styles. I air dry most of the time and flat iron for length checks only.

I'm currently midback length (MBL) and actively working towards reaching waist length by my graduation in mid-2012.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ceramide binding to African-American hair fibre correlates with resistance to hair breakage

I found a journal article from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science that gives props to ceramides specifically for relaxed hair. The relaxer I've been using for years (Optimum Care) contains ceramides. But there are a ton of conditioners and oils that contain ceramides as well, I'm thinking about stepping my ceramide game up in the new year...

Repetitive hair-relaxing treatments often applied to African-American hair weaken the hair structure. Therefore hair breakage is a common feature of relaxed hair and an leading cause of hair breakage. Bernard, Franbourg, Fran├žois, Gautier, & Hallegotstudy (2002) conducted a study showing that ceramides bind to African--American hair and protects it from weakening caused by chemicals.They used a method called the Break'in Brush Technique (BBT®), which determines hair breakage resistance during brushing. Using this technique, the authors have demonstrated less breakage after applying a shampoo with ceramides. The study opens new prospects for the development of products able to increase the protection, provide better care and meet the needs of African--American hair thanks to the effect of ceramide binding.

SOURCE: Bernard, B. A., Franbourg, A. A., Fran├žois, A. M., Gautier, B. B., & Hallegot, P. P. (2002). Ceramide binding to African-American hair fibre correlates with resistance to hair breakage. International Journal Of Cosmetic Science, 24(1), 1.


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